About: Abstract Paintings


An Artist must always carefully observe and listen well to her painting, while she is painting it. Seeking the next thing that is required; a little more blue, a darker value, a line here or there. But when I am painting an Abstract/Non-Objective painting, I must find a way to be even more in tune with the process. To me it is similar to what I think is the difference between prayer and mediation. In prayer one might ask for something in meditation one must just be still and listen.

A bit of contemplative music on, and I am lost. If I am fortunate I experience magical moments when my outer surroundings are shut out and I become more in tune with the world through my painting. Or I might put some high energy music on and just let the paint fly. Same process; different tempo.

The paintings become non-linear, non-descriptive and contain very little of recognizable images. They become an exploration of those momentary insights of the intuitive, internal and personal interior landscape.

When painting this way there will usually come a time during the painting process when it gets to what I call the ugly stage. The stage that represents to me the trans-formative chaos and times we live in. My job then becomes to persevere. It would be easy to toss the painting at this point and give up. But if I stay courageous I can transcend that ugly stage. It is thrilling to move beyond the difficult and watch the painting I want to call my own emerge. Perseverance, courage and then when I’m done to let go. I love the process and it teaches me so much about life.

What patron’s like about these Abstracts is the way they continue to inspire the longer they are owned. Patricia’s Abstract paintings are growing in desirability for they reflect the patrons discerning taste. Clients and art lovers have said they really do seem to reflect the trans-formative times we live in.

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