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California's New Gold
California’s New Gold

I love California.  Within a three hour drive one can go from the Mountains to the sea. In one day you can drive from the most northern tip to the border of Mexico and you feel as if you have gone through many countries. From the crowded urban to the isolated rural. It’s all there.

The Land and Seascapes I paint, show the deep abiding love, passion and captivation I have for California and all of it’s vast, variety of technicolor beauty.

These paintings are an ongoing exploration of California; the environment, the people, the social and geological complexities. They are a journey into gaining an ever deepening understanding of the golden state.  Sea, land, vibrant plant life and exotic people from around the world make me reach for the paint brush. California has a never ending and ever evolving story to tell, and I want to tell these stories in my paintings.

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