About: Serial Paintings


Occasionally a subject is so compelling to me that I need to find a way to express it’s importance through my painting.   Subjects such as;  Red Cloud,  The Rising series or The Children Are Watching and award winning collection of paintings of the children of the world.

Red Cloud’s history was introduced to me by my husband and it is heroic and heart wrenching.  He was an important Chief in the Lakota tribe at a pivotal time in their history.  He used the camera and the public’s growing interest to launch an amazing public relations campaign.  He used his image as a tool for survival.

Dressing in his chieftain clothes, his warrior clothes, even modern European suits, he was photographed and interviewed by the paparazzi of his day. He told his peoples story. Overcoming his distaste for this process he helped his people to survive.  The nineteenth century American’s curiosity about him fostered just enough compassion to keep his tribe from complete extinction.

Another series I’ve done was inspired by Bruce Springteen’s beautiful album regarding September 11th.  When he came out with that album it helped me to process my own grieving over that tragic day.  I’ve painted one painting for each of his songs on that album, it was cathartic.

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