About the Art

“Art captures the eternal in the everyday, and it is the eternal that feeds the soul”,  Thomas Moore

When I am painting conscious awareness falls away and I move into an emotional space of inner reflection. Surroundings seem to fall away.  Paradoxically it is at this time when I feel most in tune with the world,  experiencing an intuitive knowing.  (I feel this is what Thomas Moore talked about in his book “The Care of the Soul”).  While in this state of mind, I am able to let go and trust.  That free spirit of letting go could not happen had I not spent years of vigorously studying art and of course painting under every imaginable set of circumstances.

My intention is to invite art lovers  into a 2D experience of freshness,  a sense of the immediate, while evoking an emotional reaction within them.  Phillip Lenhares, curator of the Oakland Museum  when awarding one of my paintings (Red River) at an art show I entered,  said “Patricia’s  paintings have a sense of the now.  They are fresh and alive”.  When I heard that I realized I had manifested that intention with at least one knowledgeable art lover.

I don’t paint for the approval of others but all of this allows me to continually self-challenge, which in turn keeps my passion for painting alive.


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