Angelic Cosmos

Angelic Cosmos
“The Cosmos is the Spaceship of the imagination”, according to Carl Sagan.

Could Angels actually exist?  This painting is an exploration of  self discovery in the parts of our brain that most of us do not dare to go in. What part of our DNA is the soul?  As we evolve can we become angels?  When we try to listen to the best part of us – can we become God like, so good that we can tap into a parallel reality?  These are questions that this painting delves into, as a painter I must find the unknown parts of my sub-conscious and listen until it emerges into my conscious and then painting – like a spaceship traveling through the inner recesses of the mind:  

The colors of the Cosmos are wavelengths, gases and temperatures; a certain temperature will glow to a certain wavelength of light.  There are many light sources in the visible spectrum.  Shorter wavelengths are blue, longer are red or green.  The Angel’s dress has a rainbow effect to contrast against the gaseous orange.  “The physical universe is a closed system, but the imagination is not.’   The orange wavelength in the visible spectrum is 590 nm which is a longer wavelength.  Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light – against a black body.

Neon is a chemical element found in the Universe and is usually orange -red, which is the color I chose for the background : Neon derived from the Greek word New.  Neon is an inert gas and is very rare on Earth.  Yes, back to earth…. and the visible spectrum.

Color temperature, light source and brainwaves are all part of the artistic mind in search for matters of the soul – – I found an angel in this piece – now to figure out why!

Watercolor 30 x 40 Unframed


Written by Patricia Cherry

Patricia Cherry

Raised in California, Ms. Cherry has both a love for this beautiful state and a love of art. She has studied fine art at San Francisco State University, California College of Arts and Crafts, University of California, Berkeley and Escuela de Belles Artes in San Miguel de Allende, Granajauto, Mexico. Her studio is located in Sonora, CA, where visitors are welcome by appointment.


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