Artist Statement

Art captures the eternal in the everyday, and it is the eternal that feeds the soul
-Thomas Moore

When I am painting conscious awareness and outer surroundings  fall away. I move into an emotional space of inner reflection.  Paradoxically it is at this time when I feel most in tune with the world, experiencing an intuitive knowing.  While in this state of mind, I am able to just let go and trust.   My intention is to invite the viewer into a 2D experience of freshness evoking a sense of the immediate.

Phillip Lenhares, former Curator of the Oakland, California Museum said, “Your paintings have a sense of the now, the immediate. They are fresh and alive”.

The most frequent comment from Patricia’s patrons: “I feel good having them in my home, they just make me feel uplifted and happy, each time I look I see something fresh in them”

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