22 X 30 Watercolor

On March 10, 2011 I finished this painting which I had been working on for about a week. It was completely one of those paintings painted from what I call the interior landscape. I didn’t have a plan,  it was one of those times when it seems the painting is directing me not the other way around. My husband said it felt Japanese and there was a mystery about it that was kind of eerie. I named it Ode To Japan. The next day sadly Japan went through their terrible tsunami so I renamed it to honor those harmed by it.

I don’t draw any conclusions from this other than art, like life is mysterious.


Sunday Drive

sunday drive


If you’ve ever been a passenger in a car driving the back-roads of the gold country, you know this feeling. The terrain seems to be rushing by and one golden rolling hill merges into the next. The terrain mimics the clouds and the clouds returning the favor. With that much beauty it feels as if the path to heaven is straight up.

“Sunday Drive”. Oil, 30″ x 40″