Above it All

This is one of my early non-objective paintings. There is a bit of confusion about the definition of abstract versus non-objective. But for me non-objective more accurately describes my process since I am not trying to abstract shapes from a specific object, rather I am seeking spontaneous organic shapes while concentrating on color and composition. The name comes from the fact that it reminds me of when I was learning to fly over the fields of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

In A Higher Place072312

21 x 29   Watercolor

This painting was donated to the Black Hat Foundation for their annual fundraiser 2015.

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Feather Nation

Feather Nation came out of the same color palette as Divine Velocity. I love playing with orange and blue. Centuries of art and those two main complementary colors still have some surprises for us. I poured the colors onto the canvas and they seemed to want to form into a pueblo. Perhaps it was Native Americans speaking to me in some mysterious way. I’m sure they lived here on my property near a seasonal creek. I revere the original people who I am sure lived on the land I now occupy.



                     24 x 20   Watercolor


Harmonic Cosmos

Harmonic Cosmos

36 x 48  Watercolor This is a big canvas 3′ x 4′. I chose my color palette and began working quickly. The colors merging in a way that reminded me of outer space. I got lost in this process and I am beginning to get a sixth sense about where the colors want to go.  We dance together and I feel I am living my mantra, “Let your heart sing and your spirit dance”.  I dance with the colors.




24 X 36    Watercolor

In this painting I am trying to convey the strong sense that we live in trans-formative times.  Perhaps it is the influence of all the chatter about the end of the Mayan calendar; but it seems to me that we are living in extraordinary times.  People all over the world are voicing their needs in brave new ways while quantifying the big picture seems allusive.

Divine Velocity


Divine Velocity
24 x 30 Watercolor

I was inspired to paint this during one of the summer storms we get in the Sierra Foothills. Thunder, lightning, gray and then bright surges of the hot summer sun bursting forth in the sky. With a spectacular sunset from the controlled burn going on in Yosemite. Who needs television? I tried to convey the dynamic changes to our beautiful sky.






22 X 30 Watercolor

On March 10, 2011 I finished this painting which I had been working on for about a week. It was completely one of those paintings painted from what I call the interior landscape. I didn’t have a plan,  it was one of those times when it seems the painting is directing me not the other way around. My husband said it felt Japanese and there was a mystery about it that was kind of eerie. I named it Ode To Japan. The next day sadly Japan went through their terrible tsunami so I renamed it to honor those harmed by it.

I don’t draw any conclusions from this other than art, like life is mysterious.


Fledgling Song Bird / Springhouse

Fledgling Song Bird

This paper would make anyone want to paint or perhaps sing. Uncontrollable, the surface does not absorb water, it lies on the top and you must let go of thinking you are in control, allowing the paint to day where you first set it down. For anyone wanting to learn to “let go” this is the way. But with patience and a sure brush stroke you will get fabulous and fun results.

“Fledgling Song Bird”. Watercolor on Yupo Paper, 11″ x 14″
“Springhouse”. Watercolor on Yupo Paper, 11″ x 14″Springhouse




The abstracts I paint, represent for me, the edge of chaos. I sincerely believe we live in trans-formative times. Perhaps humankind has always felt this way. But it does seem that changes are occurring faster and faster every day. That what we thought yesterday doesn’t necessarily hold true for today. For me colors play a role in that. Orange is dynamic and risky while turquoise is tranquil and evokes a sereneness. Juxtaposing these two colors together on paper led me to paint this. I felt spiritually at peace while painting, and so I called it Source.



22 x 30  Watercolor