For Gallery Owners

Patricia Cherry started her working career as a business woman. She is a committed Artist who knows she must use both sides of her brain in order to sell her art. She is seeking a forthright, ethical business relationship with a few Gallery owners or managers. She is open to discussing opportunities to develop just that sort of successful relationship.

Sale-able work. Patricia recognizes Galleries are looking for art that will fit their particular niche and appeal to their own unique clientele. She also recognizes it is ultimately the Gallery’s decision regarding an appropriate fit.  If as a gallery owner or manager you see some simpatico in your niche and the art of Patricia Cherry you can be assured you will be working with a grown up who knows how to keep commitments, communicates well, and can be counted on to do what she says she will do. She is seeking a partner in promotion.

 Ways that she can partner with a professional Gallery

  1. Offer professional shots of her work for use in marketing collateral.
  2. Make herself available to the Gallery’s needs.
  3. List and link Galleries representing her on her active web-site.
  4. Send press releases packages.
  5. Include information about the Representing Gallery in her quarterly newsletter.
  6. Promote Representative Gallery on her active social media.
  7. Consider co-operative advertising.
  8. Quickly answer your inquiry.

“I know any relationship with a gallery or retailer is based on trust. Keeping my word, returning communications, delivering on time, these are necessary abilities that I have acquired as a successful business woman. Now, these characteristics are serving my artistic endeavors. I am grateful.”        Patricia Cherry


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