Little Bang

Little Bang

I abstracted this from a photograph of a flower I found in a seed catalog. I don’t remember the name of the flower. Since it doesn’t much resemble the exact flower that’s not important. What was important to me about this is how when looking very closely at a flower it does resemble an explosion. An explosion of life coming forth. I added the stylistic edges as it just pleased me. The shapes are so interesting and organic.

“Little Bang”.  Watercolor, 14″ x 20″ Framed

“Little Bang”. Giclée print $275.00
“Little Bang”. Note cards $3.50 ea.


Written by Patricia Cherry

Patricia Cherry

Raised in California, Ms. Cherry has both a love for this beautiful state and a love of art. She has studied fine art at San Francisco State University, California College of Arts and Crafts, University of California, Berkeley and Escuela de Belles Artes in San Miguel de Allende, Granajauto, Mexico. Her studio is located in Sonora, CA, where visitors are welcome by appointment.

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