“Symbiosis”.  Watercolor.

“Symbiosis”.  Note cards $3.50 ea.


Love the idea of symbiosis.   Close to parasitic, but so different.  The large sea turtles pull into small schools of fish as if going to a car wash.   Nibbling away the cleaning fish are nourished with the barnacles, algae, sponges and other creatures trying to turn the turtle into a mobile reef.


You Talking to Me


“You Talking to Me”.  Watercolor.  36 X 36

Why Sea Turtles?    I have been made aware of the plight of these magnificent creatures.   They are dangerously close to extinction.  Given the fact they lived at the same time dinosaurs roamed our planet it seems a travesty they may now be on their way to extinction.  Our planet can not afford to lose them.     I fell in love with their story and their pre-historic beauty.   I hope by looking at my paintings folks will become more curious and protective about them.

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“You Talking to Me”.  Note cards $3.50 ea.

Vanishing Turtle

VanishingTurtle (2)

Why Vanishing?    After existing for over 100 million years as a species their struggle to survive is heroic.  Loss of the grasses they eat, destruction of their breeding grounds, folks hunting their eggs and harvesting their flesh are just some of the causes of endangerment. Although many individual and environmental groups are working to find sustainable solutions to stop their demise, the magnificent Sea Turtles mere existence is in serious peril.   I attempted to artistically and imaginatively demonstrate their protective camouflage coloring.  My wish is to call attention to this issue and hopefully lift awareness.

“Vanishing Turtle”.  Watercolor.

“Vanishing Turtle”.  Note cards      

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